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Flour & Bones

May 12, 2011

There is a great idea going around where pop-up events (dinners mostly) are offered for a night or in this case several nights at various locations in the city. The timing has not been right for any of the single night dinners, all of which have amazingly creative themes, but I was able to make it to one of the recent X-marx Flour & Bones dinners held at Dodo in the West Loop. They opened at 5 and by 7  we were told the wait was 20-30 minutes. Lucky for us, 2 spots opened up at the bar so we were seated in a quick 5. The menu is short so we decided on both offerings of noodles and dumplings. As luck would have it, we were seated next to a lovely gal who shared with us the nightly dumpling special that had run out. It was my favorite of the 3 we tasted. Rice flour dough stuffed with dried shrimp, pork and peanuts (bottom right). Great flavor and texture with the surprise of large peanut pieces. I was hankering to try the five spice pork snout and could kick myself that I didn’t. We ordered the garlic cucumbers, Persian cukes and big woodear mushrooms (2nd left) yum. I had a cocktail made with grapefruit juice and Cava that eased me out of a long day at work and might be my new summer fave. Both the saucy and brothy noodles had great texture, cooked just right (third right). I mentioned to my dinner companion, Liz, that ‘saucy’ was like an Asian Bolognese and confirmation came from our host when she used the same terminology. It was quite spicy so I sipped some 312 to lose some of the fire in my mouth. ‘Brothy’ was a tasty combo of comforting broth, scrambled egg, tender pieces of pork and again, those noodles (bottom left). We were stuffed so didn’t order dessert but our friendly bar-mate let us taste a spoonful of hers so we got the idea. Coconutty and quite spicy with ginger it was creamy and slightly sweet – the perfect end to a short-lived menu. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for their next event.



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