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Liquid Breakfast and Friday Fun Fact debut

April 16, 2010

The term liquid breakfast may conjure up memories of senior year in high school, end of year pranks and seeing students being wheeled to the nurses office from one too many before the first bell rang, or not. As the weather warms up a nutritional smoothie in the a.m. does the trick for me. It provides a  jolt of antioxidants and fiber in something that tastes great and goes down easy.  What a way to prepare for the weekend.

One for the Road – Blueberry, OJ and Banana smoothie

For one smoothie you’ll need:

1 Cup frozen blueberries – I use Trader Joe’s Wild Boreal blueberries that are tiny and super blue

1/2 cup Orange Juice

1/2 banana

3 oz. silken lite tofu OR 4 oz. vanilla yogurt

2 Tbsp. ground flax seed

Put all in blender at high or ice crusher speed. Add a little water if too thick. The tofu will make this creamy and add some protein. If you are not a tofu fan, use some yogurt in its place.


Friday Fun Fact

Any of you that know me know how I love fun facts. Facts that to some may seem useless. There is a magazine dedicated to these kinds of facts called Mental Floss and although I didn’t get the following information from it, It made me think that throwing in a fun fact on Fridays about food or drink might be… Fun.  SO here’s the first one.

It wasn’t that long ago that “a cold one for the road” meant a tall boy from the convenience store or a “roadie” from your local watering hole. Today’s Friday Fun Fact is that in the state of  Texas, a horse is considered a vehicle and you can get cited with a DUI while riding. If only there were such a law for skiing or snowboarding we’d be set.

Happy Friday ya’ll

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  1. Sally E. permalink
    April 16, 2010 10:00 am

    Thanks, Am, for a creamy recipe that doesn’t include dairy!

  2. April 16, 2010 10:02 am

    Liquid Breakfast will always remind me of Aunt Lo and Carnation Instant Breakfast. I must say yours looks quantum leaps better than that cocoa-colored swill. Dee-lish and Noo-trish! And remember; fiber…..good, runny bum…..bad. It’s funny you mention DUI and horses as I was almost cited the other evening riding home form work. Fortunately I was able to toss my tall boy into the scrub brush and pop a mint in my mouth. Disaster averted.

    • April 16, 2010 10:09 am

      Gotta Love Texas!! Do you remember when the boys from Nac-a-no-where showed up at Grandma and Poppies house with the back of their pick up filled with empties?? That was never gonna fly on Birchwood Lane, and we all knew that. They had that bed cleaned up lickety-split, fo’ sho’. It was GG who used to pick me up at the Austin airport and always had a tall boy in the cup holder. Good times.

  3. Eileen permalink
    April 16, 2010 10:36 am

    Amy, your smoothie looks so delicious and healthy…I”m drooling! Perfect for the awesome warm spring we’ve been having. I was also a Carnation Instant Breakfast girl in high school…probably since I was always running late! There was no such thing as a “smoothie” back then–how liquid breakfasts have improved in 30 years!

  4. Cindy Franz permalink
    April 16, 2010 11:06 am

    Thanks Amy for sharing your ideas! As a not-so-excited cook, you are tempting me to try something NEW! Cindy

  5. Ann E permalink
    April 17, 2010 7:47 am

    I love these liquid breakfasts. I always try different combo’s and love the fact that you can add some healthy items to the receipt.

    My favorite fruits are pineapple and mango. Sometimes even add a few strawberries. Wish I could do the blueberry thing – very healthy, but one of the few fruits I do not like.

    Thanks for another great receipt!

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